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Full Version: quick-quick tuk-tuks
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Hi all, just thought I'd say hello, just joined the forum.

Anybody ever tried building a seriously quick tuk-tuk? I mean seriously quick...a blown and injected Honda Fireblade motored tuk-tuk would be seriously quick enough to take to Santa Pod? How about it guys?

Hi Rich,

Talked about two weeks ago on this very subject.

We are thinking that maybe when we get time we would like to fit a Honda Civic Type R engine, not sure how quick it would be but we are restricted as to the type of engines available out here.

But i think it would be quick.
Hello Bossman,

How about a nice blown Ford V-6 lump? Small and compact, loads of power...and that would be VERY quick!!

You could always put a Ferrari engine in there ;)
Very tempting...but horrendously expensive! No, I reckon a half decent F'Blade lump with a proper job injection system, perhaps a Superbike spec motor...?

It would be interesting to do the family shopping on a Saturday morning in something like that, don't you think?

Can you imagine asking your insurance company for 'fully comp cover please'...the words "go away in short jerky movements" spring to mind!

Nice new forum, by the way...well done all!!

Expensive but fun I suspect :) Mike will know more though about the Fireblade as I'm more the web geek and tend to just make all this stuff work (or not as has recently been the case) rather than worrying directly about tuk-tuks.

Glad you like the forum, it's a lot nicer than phpBB I think. It's also more secure which is a big deal for us. I'll have to get round to rewriting the main site forum links though at some point though.
I like it a lot, it's very easy to navigate around, especially for an old sweeper driver like me.

Thanks for doing a great job!!

Try this then...a bare naked Chevy V8 powered tuk?


That looks like it's made of lego or something.. very odd-looking!
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