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Full Version: Flash TukTuk (He saved every 1 of us)
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Hi I'm new here, but I'm based in Sri Lanka currently, but the adventure has to come to an end and I'm a few weeks away from coming back to the UK. Glory be. In the same way as I don't really like the thought of leaving my cat behind (he's coming with - via 6 months in quarantine), I don't really like the thought of leaving Flash here to rust either. Flash is a Bajaj RE 4 stroke, 173cc three wheeler. We've done 12,000km together over the past 9 months and we've seen a lot of action thanks to some crazy Lankan drivers.

So rather than sell him, I've had a crazy idea of shipping him back to the UK and using him for my business. It would be brilliant, but I understand that there's some red tape involved - something called an IVA test?

Can anyone enlighten me as to:

a - what this is
b - where it is done
c - how much is costs
d - will it need to be crash tested?
e - is there anyone out there who can take care of this for me
f - what changes need to be made to this tuktuk to meet the requirements for the UK?

Lots of questions I know, but I'm certain this will be worth while. Flash is very dear to me and if anyone can help out I'll be so pleased.

Many thanks

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