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Full Version: Netherlands Tuk Tuk
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I have received many calls and e mails asking if we can supply tuk tuks in Holland,

The simple answer is yes, we already have and are now building more for a major company in Holland.

We will be suppling both the Sprint Model as well as the Grande for Taxi work, we are also in talks to supply the 6 seater Surf.

The tuk tuks will be the latest 2008 model fitted with disc brakes all round and with the addition of an Anti Roll Bar, we are the first tuk tuk company to offer these improvements as standard.

he mike....

jet another qestion..... jep!

i have got a bajaj re2 in my position but wanted to know if the tuktuks you import in holland need any modifications or so and where are they tested.
the rdw in holland does not register any tuktuks from outside of europe but they do so if they come from england or germany....

can you help me out or do you know any people who own a bajaj in germany or holland so i can contact them?

thanks for the help
nice weekend

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