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Full Version: ZM356 parts australia
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howdy yall.

i bought an old tuktuk a while ago. lot of cosmetic rust, its seen better days...

engine had been "rebuilt" at least the pistons had been done...

shame the fool left the intake manifold off... with the end result of a waterlogged crankcase.

meaning my engines useless!

soi far i have found its a daihatsu, and not much more.

im in sydney, australia. anyone know of a good source of parts for the old zm356? like, mainly...a crankshaft?

seems even impossible just to find a daihatsu dealer, let alone finding parts.

or should i be thinking of getting one of the 650 3 cylinders and strapping it to an auto box? (got an old borg-warner here that would do the job) its a lot of work though. and a tight squeeze between those chassis rails...

and of course, i did manage to locate the original mechanic on this particular tuktuk....3 months after he had moved and thrown all his spares out.... he does have a complete running one in his shop though :)

any info greatly appreciated :) thanks
hi there motor replacement is daihatsu 660 kf out of 1992 hijet with man box u can buy full replace kit 2000 us if u wish to sell yr 356 let me know 0425662080 cheers graham
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