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Small tuk-tuk - Stube - 06-27-2005 12:43 PM

Since visiting Thailand a few years ago, I developed a fondness for the tuk-tuk and was pleased to find this website & forum.

The tuk-tuks I remember zipping around Bangkok seemed to be smaller than those advertised here. The ones I'm thinking of seat the driver and about 2 forward facing passengers - quite cramped for european bodies.

Anyway, I have this idle aspiration to buy one in Thailand and drive it all the way back to England. That's the fun part. The boring part is red-tape. Would these smaller tuk-tuks be legal on Britains roads? What kind of form-filling would I have to go through to import and use it?

- Webmaster - 06-27-2005 04:21 PM

Tuktukmike would be the best person to answer that as he's the engineering guru among us, and knows all the regulations regarding getting the vehicles in. He's currently without net access but when I next see him I'll grab him and get him to come online and answer this post with something a little more helpful :)

Regarding the vehicles being road-legal, as far as I'm aware the tuk-tuk in its standard form as used in Thailand is not road-legal in the UK (or indeed in the rest of Europe) and as such has to undergo some modifications. Ours are produced ready-made for UK legislation so that at least bypasses that particular hurdle (one then only has to put it through a test in the UK which we usually take care of) and makes life a little easier.

Apologies for the post not being terribly informative but hopefully Mike will be able to tell you more when I get him onto a computer :)

RE: Small tuk-tuk - Pinky Molebuster - 02-17-2008 01:44 PM

As a present non driver (see latest posting on Forum) what would I need in the way of tests to be in charge of one?